On a road trip through the Central Bohemian region, Rodney and friends get to know the individual characters of places like the town of Beroun while they sample the vast landscape of majestic monuments, including the fairy-tale vibe at Křivoklát Castle and the hilltop views of Karlštejn Castle. Get a glimpse of some local crafts, like the beauty of fine glasswork, and witness the natural beauty of forests and rock formations that has inspired the undeniably Czech pastime of hiking among generations. 

“Driving into the city from the serene surround areas, I can already tell this place is a hidden gem, waiting to be uncovered,” Rodney says while driving into Brno, the second-biggest city in the Czech Republic. This final destination of a ten-day road trip across the Czech Republic still manages to surprise and capture the attention of the filmmaking musician and his group of friends. 

Director: Rodney Hazard of Le Loup Studios
Director Of Photography: Curwyn Henry
Assistant Camera: John Hibionada
Producers: Spoiled NYC, Czech Tourism

Music: Rodney Hazard
Additional Photography: Curwyn Henry, John Hibionada
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