This EP Sandcastles was inspired by my travels all over the world, but also came from the idea that we all were living out these exhausting lives before the pandemic. Everyone seemed to have thought we had it all figured out but the Sandcastles we’ve been building…in the air, in the sand, weren’t strong enough to handle the incoming tide. The tide represents all of the different things that have affected us individually in the past two years, the Sandcastle is me.
Sandcastles was released globally by Stereofox Records/ The Orchard in February 2022. Since its release, the lead single “Lean Back” has charted in eight different countries. 


Crystals is a psychedelic journey through the human experience. The viewers will float, weightless, through vast crystalline structures experiencing abstract shapes and creatures. Humans are just like crystals, we are arranged in a definite pattern and our surface often reflects our internal “symmetry”. Through the strong use of multiple bold colors, refracted and reflected into prismatic rainbows, Crystals is an immersive experience that is meant to transport you into another world.

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