For sound design, we needed to balance the shared experience within the room with the unique visitor experiences as they navigated the space.
To solve that challenge, each story is comprised of it’s own ambient music along with spatial sound effects that correspond with a user’s interaction with the story. The ambient music would play 
from the main speakers within the magic room, while the spatial sound effects would play from
the user’s iPad.
Due to the rapid turnaround time, we began creating sounds design late in the storyboarding stage. Once the development matured our sound design team reminded the assets to ensure a perfect match with the experience.
We were able to create all the AR experience in under 11 weeks, bringing the whole things to life in time for the launch of Arcadium. The experience went off without a hitch: over 7000 people visited over the course of two Weekes, resulting in 2000 magic selfies along with overwhelming praise from visitors. The Richemont team was overjoyed at the reception and grateful for the unprecedented turnaround time to bring their project into reality.
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