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The 2021 REVOLT Summit by AT&T brought artists, entrepreneurs, creatives and aspiring executives together to exchange knowledge while celebrating their love for Hip Hop. REVOLT Summit 2021 was in Atlanta on November 11th – 13th at 787 Windsor for 3 days filled with keynote panels, performances, AT&T Office Hours, and more. All three days were packed with A-List musicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs at the top of their fields celebrating our culture.
I worked as the Creative Director with the agency SuperFly to make sure we were covering the following touch-points with our strategy and execution:

Our team worked closely with Revolt and AT&T to develop an art direction that used the key elements such as dynamic lettering, scan treatments, bold typography, and the subtle use of texture as a way to celebrate our collective love for Hip Hop through the experience design.

Every day during the Summit, we pulled personal soundbites from our attendees and speakers about love. Their love for hip hop, the culture as it was, and the evolution of the culture today. Using CTA’s throughout the event on our LED displays. Our attendees engaged with the CTA by calling into our hotline and leaving a message about their love for hip hop.
These soundbites played during their entrance, in-between programming, outside of each stage, within the way-finding hubs, and more. The more the audience contributed to our call to action, the more material we could potentially work with.
As our guests headed through security and towards the AT&T Dream in Black stage, they came across a photo moment. A lenticular wall made in collaboration with George Baker III, a muralist born and bred in Atlanta.
Once our attendees moved past the photo moment, they came across a way-finding hub that displays graphics and digital content such as:
● Revolt Summit with AT&T Map
● Trailers for shows from Revolt TV
● Teasers from upcoming programming
● Tweets generated from the Summit hashtags
● Live galleries from our photo activations
● Highlighting work from our curated artist and photographer
Pillars of Hip Hop
Not too much further along the path to the Dream in Black Stage we had our Pillars of Hip Hop. 
We installed 12' tall lightbox pillars that highlight important individuals from Atlanta's Hip Hop history. Each pillar represented an artist that caused a shift within the culture. Giving viewers insight into the different artists that helped bring forth the evolution of the culture.
AT&T Office Hours
Only a few steps away from our pillars was our AT&T Office Hours Activation. We custom manufactured modular steel pods and created an intimate and premium setting for our guests to attend their Office Hour sessions. Where aspiring executives and artists could meet one-on-one with mentors and other successful creative entrepreneurs. 
Dream In Black Photo Activation
Once guests left the Office Hours area and headed underneath the oning to head into the stage they came across a unique photo moment. On one side it had the Dream In Black messaging and our scan treatment. However, on the other side was a photo activation that when our guests took out their phone and took a selfie at a certain angle, the AT&T globe would form behind them.  
Dream In Black Stage Design
The design for the Dream In Black stage mimics our approach for the Office Hour area where we used this sort of deconstructed modular steel structure in parallel with elements such as curated photography, large graphic elevations, and transformative lighting.
Our main stage design was focused on using continuous LED walls alongside elements such as: anamorphic motion graphics, large graphic elevations, curated photography and transformative lighting.

Within the container space, we collaborated with Atlanta-based illustrator Freako Rico and GrillzByScotty to create an Ode to Atlanta. Freako worked on his live installation over the duration of the summit. He created a 12' long chevy caprice that is inspired by significant moments in Atlanta Hip Hop, song lyrics, and landmarks that helped gain recognition for hip hop coming out of Atlanta. GrillzByScotty fitted our guests for their own pair of custom grills from Atlanta. 
FRKO also made some time to grab some of the audience members inside of the container to create custom illustrations in his distinct style on an iPad. These caricatures will be given to our attendees afterwards, giving them a chance to share it to their social channels.

As our guests moved around the container space, there was a merchandise container that had Revolt merchandise, as well as local brands that are based in Atlanta.

Also within the container space we built an immersive content studio and lounge space with transformative lighting. This area was meant for the community to do some casual networking and also hop in front of the camera to give some thoughts about the Revolt Summit with AT&T.
Below are some other ancillary areas within the summit grounds such as the media lounge, Ciroc tent, VIP area, Chairman's lounge, AT&T executive lounge and more:
Thank you for your time!
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