I was involved in the launch of Intel's sponsorship of FC Barcelona.
I participated in the conception and redesign of a few rooms in La Masia and prepared certain files for the custom play laptops.

The pillars of the partnership:  
Intel will be inside the very fabric of FC Barcelona, helping to improve the experience for fans and players: 
Technology grant to La Masia, followed by similar tech grants where the UNICEF + FCB partnership has a presence (for the kids and at the heart of FCB)
Improved technological infrastructure for Camp Nou, providing a better fan experience onsite
Longterm partnership with FCB staff and Intel engineers to make FCB the most technologically advanced football club in the world.
Content and digital experience providing a look inside both FCB and the various extensions of the partnership (Look Inside FCB for the fans)
Special thanks to those who made this possible:
FC Barcelona
Ross McGraw
Matt Schoen
Courtney Nicholas
Gerhard Stochl
Hosi Simon
Ciel Hunter
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