Smirnoff: Equalizing Music

Dedicated to inclusivity in nightlife, Smirnoff is launching Equalizing Music, a global initiative dedicated to equal gender representation in the electronic music space.  In partnership with THUMP and Broadly—VICE’s electronic music and women-focused websites, together we’ve created a platform to spotlight and recognize women leaders who are changing the soul and sound of electronic music. Here you will meet the Top 50 Women Making Noise. Dig in and discover their sounds, exclusive stories, and experiences. Play their tracks and recommend them to a friend – every listen or share supports the cause for Equalizing Music, and together we can double the number of women headliners. My role in this project was Art Director. I created the graphics package for the Equalizing Music film, designed the entire hub that lives on the Ceros platform, and art directed the photoshoot we had with some of our talent.

Photography shot by John Hibionada
Photography by Ramsey Vazquez

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